Rihanna Then and Now - Exploits of a Barbadian Ragdoll

Rihanna Then and Now - Exploits of a Barbadian Ragdoll

Rihanna was born to a very average Barbadian family, with an accountant mother and a crack addict for a father, which seemingly affected her early life profoundly. She was reportedly a very shy kid who found an outlet through her singing. Rihanna's first publics appearances include participating in a Miss Combermere Beauty Pagean which she won and a performance of Mariah Carey's Hero at her school talent show. Things started to change in her life when she was met a NewYork based producer who took her to States for recording demo songs. The demo recordings generated a lot of interest and got the attention of Jay-Z who signed her on. This was the beginning of a remarkable hollywood transformation that changed Rihanna for ever. Some time later in 2005, she released her debut album Music of the Sun with the hit single Pon De Replay which climed to number 2 in both US and UK. Her second single Unfaithful also made it to the number 6 position which was her third song which made it to the top ten. This hit single also got her the four Billboard Music Awards, at the same time there were some rumors flying about of her being involved with Jay Z which brought some welcome media exposure, dirty nonetheless. This was apparently pretty huge because Jay Z was courting Beyonce at the time. 

Here's a look at a very young Rihanna.

Yet another huge personality change occurred when Rihanna decided to shed her 'good girl' image at the time of release of her third album Good Girl Gone Bad, following in the steps of Janet Jackson and Christina she goes for a slutty look, but not yet trashy. Her album had the hot single Umbrella which reached number one on the Billboards. She also became the face of Cover Girl Cosmetics and appeared in the Peoples magazine and Maxims Hot 100. This album also featured the song Rehab which also reached the number 2 spot quickly. In 2007, she won two VMAs for 'monster single of the year' and 'video of the year', both for her single Umbrella. 

While riding on her massive success, the media had become restless on Rihanna'a increasingly slutty outbursts in open public events. Here's a look at the newly transformed, border line trashy Rihanna.

Grabbing b.o.obs of her girlfriend, sending out mixed signals.

Hardly 18, Rihanna appearing bra-less at an event, and showing her goodies at a concert

Ever since her Grammy win and the violent episode of domestic violence with Chris Brown, she has taken perverse sluttiness to a whole new level. She appeared in the Cosmo and the Elle magazine and won her second Grammy in collaboration with Kanye and Jay Z. She also appeared in the covers for GQ and the FHM magazines. Here's Rihanna at her raunchy best:

Even as a teenager, she agreed to promotional videos and photoshoots that were just short of child p*rn. See for yourself.


Kirsten Dunst - The Child-Star Who Did Grow Up

Kirsten Dunst - The Child-Star Who Did Grow Up

Kirsten, whose birth name is Kirsten Caroline Dunst on was born to a medical executive father and an artist mother on April 30, 1982.

Her mother had signed her up with agencies such as ELITE and the Ford agency and had started modelling by the age of 3. Her first ad was that for 'dollies that wet themselves' appeared in around seventy ads. Her first real break came with an animation called 'Kiki's Delivery' where she lend her voice to the character of a young a witch. In her early teen years, she was known to have the skinny, blonde look with an adorable dentist-white smile. Her earliest career high-point came when she reportedly beat 5000 other candidates for the role of Claudia, the vampire child in 1994's 'Interview with the vampire' alongside Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise and bore the ire of thousands of aspiring young actresses when she kissed Brad Pitt on screen. In an interview about the kiss she said, "It was horrible and I hated it, Brad and Tom were like my big brothers on the set, so it was like kissing your big brother -- totally gross!" She also said,  "There's nothing sexual or sexy when you're that age", she said later. "So I was kissing Brad Pitt: so what? He had chapped lips. He was lovely and kind and sweet to me, but it was just yuk." It's interesting to note that both the roles of Claudia, a woman trapped inside a child's body and that of Amy in 'Little Women' were both competed for by Kirsten and Christina Ricci, eventually both went to Dunst. She also starred in memorable roles in 'Jumanji' and lend her voice to 'Anastasia' in the mid nineties.

Kirsten Dunst in 1985 as a child model at the age of three:

Kirsten in various early ads:

Kirsten as a cheerleader in grade 8 (1996) of Laurel Hall, see if you can recognize her: 

Kirsten in the movie 'Little Women'

A still from the movie 'Interview with a Vampire':

Still from the movie 'Bring it On' and Kirsten on cover of Maxim for promoting the movie:

About the cover shoot she said, "We were doing press for Bring It Onand they were like, 'You have to do a sexy magazine,' so I was kind of pressured into doing that. I was a little like, 'I don't want to,' then I was like, whatever. I wouldn't do it now—it's totally cheesy. Thanks for bringing it up! I'm sure it helped bring some dirty old men into the theaters, so I guess I did my job."

Here's Kirsten's first ad on 'Dolly' from 1989.

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Angelina Jolie - The Hollywood Transformation

Angelina Jolie - The Hollywood Transformation

Angelina Jolie, who was born as A.J. Voight, wasn't always the globe-trotting humanitarian and the sexy mother figure we've come to know. Infact, she's the product of an illusive transformation that many hollywood stars were fortunate enough to have without which they would have imploded due to their own self-destructive indulgences. Jolie got her first exposure to silver screen as a child star alongside her father in the 1982 film Lookin to get out but her real break came with a low budget flick called Cyborg 2 in 1993. Her first starring role was in a 1995 movie called Hackers, she won critical acclaim for her role in George Wallace and an academy award for her performance in Gia. On her won, Jolie's has never had problems creating headlines, from sharing an incestuous kiss with her brother to exuding bisexual vibes with a lesbian relationship with a Calvin Klein model in her early days. In an interview with on ABC's ''20/20'', her former husband Billy Thornton revealed that she has a history of bisexuality and self-mutilation; evident from her insistence on wearing a vile of his blood during their relationship. While sharing a home in LA with her brother, mother and boyfriend in her teenage years, she suffered bouts of depression before finally breaking up with her then boyfriend in 1991. At the age of 20, she married her costar from the movie Hackers, again with his name scratched on her back with his own blood. The marriage was short lived and the pair got divorced in 1999. During one of her interviews on her sexual life, she said she's a very sexual person and about a particular sexual encounter she went on to say, "I got knives out and had a night where we attacked each other ... it felt so primitive and it felt so honest ... and then I had to deal with, you know, not telling my mother, hiding things, wearing gauze bandages to high school,"

Left:  A young Jolie on sets of Lookin to Get out, Middle: A teenage Angelina with her mother, Right: 20  year old jolie with her former husband Jonny Miller

Left: Jolie with her CK model Lesbian lover Right: Jolie and her controversial kiss to her brother

Pictures from Jolie's early modelling days:

Angelina Jolie after winning after first award:


Natasha Henstridge - Celebrity Focus

Natasha Henstridge - Celebrity Focus

Natasha Henstridge was born in 1974 in Newfoundland, Canada and is a model turned actress. Her most notable performances include the movies Species, The whole nine yards, the whole ten yards and a recent tv series called Eli Stone. If you're a hardcore gamer and an avid fan of the RTS genre, you must have also noticed her in the gaming franchise Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath, playing the role of a tiberium warrior serving the faction leader 'Kane'

Here's Natasha's pics from her earlier photoshoots:


  Here's her pictures from the Species promotional shoots:

The movie 'Species' won Natasha the MTV movies award for the 'Best kiss' where her character Sil impales the head of her mate while aggresively kissing him.