Jennifer Aniston - Then & Now

Jenifer Aniston has been active in showbiz since 1989 and moved to hollywood  in 1990 where she was cast in a short lived TV series Camp Cucamonga. She also appeared in a horror comedy Leprechaun for which he won critical acclaim. At one point she had actually considered giving up acting but it all changed when she was cast on NBC's 94' fall programme FRIENDS, which lasted for a whole ten seasons before concluding in 2004.

Here's Jennifer's earliest pictures from her High school Prom

By the end of the hot comedy sitcom she had become the highest paid actress along with her other costars and earned paychecks of $ 1 million per episode.


Shakira Red Carpet Reception

Shakira at Bellentine's Red Carpet reception

Looking Gorgeous !

Shakira at the Music Awards 09'

Her latest Music video


Gemma Atkinson at a recent Event